Create personal Life Story and get a chance to win $25 iTunes Gift Card

Terms & Conditions
Let's be frank - we have only a few registered users on our site and even less Life Stories created. That is why we decided to give away 3 $25 iTunes Gift Cards to the best Life Story writers (1 card per LIfe Story). Here are the terms if you are interested to participate :

1. You need to have an active and complete Life Story . Although it does not have to represent real events in your life, we encourage you to keep it as close to real life experience as possible.

2. Your Life Story should be visible to general public. To set the privacy one can go to Privacy page and select desired level of security. By default, your LifeStory will be visible to general public but you can change your privacy settings anytime.

3. Your Life Story needs to be selected by you to participate in the contest . To select the Life Story , go to Profile=>Edit Profile and select "Yes" to participate in the Life Story contest. Once you selected to participate, we will review your personal Life Story and approve it for the contest. You will receive a confirmation of the approval or explanation why your Life Story cannot be included in the contest.

4. To keep the competitive spirit the contest will be opened only after at least 50 individual users choose to participate and got approval for the contest.

5. You need to reside in the USA as we are going to use the US postal service to deliver the card to winners

To get started, you need to register on this site (lifechapters.com) . Once the registration is completed and your user id is activated, feel free to start creating your Life Story by adding new Life Chapters . Check our Getting Started page for more info on how to create and maintain your personal Life Story
How do we select winners
Winner will be selected based on lots of factors. You do not need to live a life of the King to win the contest. It's all about how well you described events happening in your life, how you illustrated them and how complete your Life Story is. Winners will be notified by email they used for registration as well as featured (in a special way) on our web site. We will explain all selection criterias , how we judged and answer all related questions.

Notification and delivery

As mentioned above we notify the winners by email used for registration and associated with their Life Stories. Once we receive a mailing address from you, we will send you $25 ITunes Gift Card by regular mail.

Date of Last Revision: April 30, 2011

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